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The Order of the Stick: Good Deeds Gone Unpunished (Book 1/2)

Giant in the Playground
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Welcome back to beautiful Azure City! Join the good men and women of these Southern Lands as they fight for, in, and around their homeland in Good Deeds Gone Unpunished, a new collection of stories from The Order of the Stick. This new mostly-prequel features five never-before-available stories, each starring a different Azurite character and covering the time before, during, and after the Battle of Azure City, as depicted in Book 3, War and XPs. It's our longest book of original content yet, clocking in at 160 pages of black-and-white action and comedy, featuring the story that launched Giant in the Playground's successful Kickstarter campaign:

  • That's the Spirit: Kazumi and Daigo find a lost soul in need of their help on their new island home.
  • Scruff and Tumble: Surviving alone behind enemy lines, Mr. Scruffy searches for food.
  • Spoiler Alert: Therkla is tasked to retrieve a priceless artifact, but she's not even supposed to be here today.
  • Pier Pressure: Young Lien comes face to face with a sinister choice.
  • How the Paladin Got His Scar: Before he joined the Sapphire Guard, Captain O-Chul leads a ragtag team to stop a bloody war of retribution.

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The Order of the Stick: Good Deeds Gone Unpunished (Book 1/2)

43 ratings
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