A Monster for Every Season - Autumn

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A Monster for Every Season is our line of print-and-play miniatures for your favorite tabletop fantasy roleplaying game. Each volume contains over 300 individual monsters to print, cut, fold, and tape a penny to—before springing them on your fellow gamers. Creatures are in scale to one another and to most metal gaming miniatures, and mounts can be folded so that that another figure can ride atop. You also get two complete files, one in full color and one in black-only line art to save toner (and allow you to customize coloration as desired).

The third volume, Autumn, is our biggest set so far, containing 401 monsters and monster-slayers in the following categories: Bugs (64), Clerics (43), Constructs (19), Demons (30), Devils (33), Dragons (10), Hobgoblins (28), Necromancers (14), Paladins (37), Skeletons (19), Spoooooky! (19), Undead (64), and Zombies (21). For a full listing of all included miniatures, you can download the content list. Like our last two sets, Spring and Summer, this set includes both a healthy selection of monsters for GMs and plenty of choices for players—especially if you like to play in the deep end of the alignment pool as a necromancer or demon-summoner. Never worry again about not having enough skeleton minions to fill out your eternal undead army, because you can just print more. At about 1.5¢ per miniature, it's a cheap and easy way to stock your game with everything that goes bump in the night!

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A Monster for Every Season - Autumn

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